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We are a group of modern companies that offer training and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Formation of organizational and management culture meets European standards and values;
  • Project Development´╗┐ and ´╗┐Management;
  • Training on Project Development´╗┐ and ´╗┐Management´╗┐;
  • Training on Public-Private Partnerships - a modern form of business terms;
  • Acquisition and expansion of managerial competence with European dimensions - the achievement of career development;
  • Management, analysis, evaluation and selection of human resources;
  • Acquisition and expansion of knowledge and skills in IT technologies and their use in management;


A guiding principle in our relations with our partners is a "I Win - You Win". We strive to satisfy all growing needs of our customers. We achieve this by using active learning methods, interactivity, group discussions, simulations, case studies. Practical orientation of our training eliminates the boundary between the learned the new skills and their immediate application in the workplace.

What will you get?

  • Significantly expand your knowledge and skills in management and learn to apply them in your work and increase the effectiveness of management in the organization;
  • Critically reflect on your own managerial experience in the context of the theory; 
  • You will learn effective methods of team work and communication (brainstorming, simulations, discussions, etc..)
  • Perfect your skills for analyzing problem situations, planning and implementation of various projects;
  • You will learn to raise management efficiency in the organization with the help of marketing and financial instruments;
  • You will learn techniques and methods for introducing changes and focused development of the organization that meets the European standards.´╗┐
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